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Rookie Of The Year
Jamie Smith
Mississauga SW Twins

Playoff MVP
Corey Morrison
Glanbrook Grizzlies

HR Champion
Geoff Cullen
Erindale Cardinals

Batting Champion
Dave Davidson
Niagara Metros

Iron Man Award
Vic Speciale
Brampton Battlecats

Sportsman Of The Year
John Kielb
Etobicoke Rangers

League MVP
Dave Davidson
Niagara Metros

Executive Of The Year
David Huctwith
Representative and League Convenor

About MLB

Major League Baseball or MLB for short is the great and professional baseball league from United States of Amerika and Canada. It is one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the two countries. First organizations were called National League and American League they were formed in different years and cooperated. They existed until they agreed to merge and create the great known organization as MLB. This organization is governed by Commissioner of Baseball that also is leading the Minor League Baseball. This league has more than two hundred and fifty clubs, and all are connected with the Major League clubs.


The MLB today has a total of 30 teams which 29 of them are from the United States and only one from Canada. Each season is organized into one 162 games where teams play against each other. The game itself is so exciting and tense and follows a set of rules that took years to perfect. Fans are enjoying the fast pacing game and oversee from the specially built baseball stadiums. Today baseball is one of the most watched and anticipated sports in America. Modern media coverage has allowed more fans to catch the games. Accept television and radio coverage, thanks to the internet even more popular is gained, and so more people can enjoy it. It has more than eighty million spectators, and every year the number is rising. MLB has banned women from playing baseball in the past. However, that ban has been lifted. However, no women have publically came out and showed interest in baseball. So as of today, only male players are participating in the game.


MLB BettingBetting in baseball is nothing new. As in all sports, you have almost the same betting rules and structure. There are many betting centres today. They are spread between states and offer you the ability to bet on your favourite characters or team. They even take betting in details like which player is going to hit the ball, or how many times. Will the player miss, or can he run fast enough. Some people make this a profession and leave from it. Many analysts and baseball magazines come out and offer some insight and predictions, on how a game is going to be played. The newest form is online betting which saves you time. You can go on your computer, smartphone or tablet and check the scores there.


Check MLB RostersDonít forget to go and check the MLB rosters and see who will participate. If you donít know what this is, well itís only a roster of players who are allowed to play in MLB. The organization classified two types, they are active and expanded. Active is the players who are participating in the upcoming games. They include pitchers, position players, and reserve ones. The expanded roster is the whole team of players. This player can be called to be active whenever they are needed. If they lose the expanded list, they are them assigned to the minor league we mentioned at the beginning. Alternatively, they can make some trade with other clubs, or release him.